Friday, 7 July 2017

Technological Challenge

Room 19 finished off our Hut Building inquiry with two technological challenges.
The first was to build a hut using all natural materials (except rope) that could fit a toy and keep it dry in light rain.
We reflected on our hut building and made improvements on our second attempt.

The second challenge was to make safe huts that were big enough to fit the 4-6 children. We then invited our Year 1 buddy class to come and read stories in the huts.
The weather just cooperated!
We had to move from the grass to the courts for our 'lean to' huts due to mud. Students improvised on the spot using logs to weigh down their hut instead of using pegs.
Our A-frame huts, tepee and huts between the trees put a second tarp down to sit on.

I'm guessing the holidays may see a few huts being built.
Have fun!

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