Thursday, 4 August 2016

Trip to the Art Gallery

We had a fabulous trip to the Art Gallery on Tuesday.
We enjoyed three sessions.
Our first session was a guided tour of the gallery.
We looked at some art by South American artists.
We asked what story they were telling through their art.

Maria Nepomuceno

Grande Boca (Big Mouth)

This artwork includes an amazing number of orange beads

Ernesto Neto

Just like drops in time, nothing 2002

This aromatic work is made of spices!

We looked at a painting of Joseph and his brothers and made pipe-cleaner  people to show how the characters were sitting/standing.

 In our second session we looked at John Pule's art -  Take These Walls With You When You Leave (1998. Oil on canvas), which tells the story of John Pule immigrating to New Zealand. Diana showed us how to plan our own artwork telling a story of a journey we have made.

 In our third session we explored the gallery by ourselves.
Everyone loved the hands on section.
All in all, we had a great day.
It was a great start to our new topic:
What's the Story?

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